Research on Finnish Society (13:2020) Mauno Koivisto lecture

The transformational potential of universities in a turbulent world: The University of Turku in 2030

Jukka Kola
University of Turku

This lecture considers new transformational knowledge and abilities universities need to function and succeed in a rapidly changing world. Universities' two basic missions, research and education, through which universities interact with society and influence it, become increasingly acute in times of risk and uncertainty. Societies must be able to rely on accessible research information and to use it for decision-making, and good and accessible lifelong education is more important than ever. By improving the quality of research and education, universities can maintain their significant and recognised position in the national and international academic community, and consequently, strengthen trust in science, research and higher education. Quality also attracts co-operation, which is needed to find sustainable solutions for global challenges in a connected world. As the University of Turku celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2020 and sets its strategy for the next decade, it seeks to build a resilient and sustainable future on its strong foundation.

Keywords: University of Turku, lifelong learning, international higher education, sustainability, trust in science, strategy

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